Campus Minister

The role of Campus Minister in secondary colleges supported by Brisbane Catholic Education is a non-teaching role that seeks to support students pastorally and spiritually. The Campus Minister works with students in many different ways, from casual conversations in the playground to leading retreat and reflection experiences. The main focus of the Campus Minister is in the area of faith development but they also make a valuable contribution in the area of building community and making  students and families feel welcome in the school community. The Campus Minister has a particular focus on the well-being of students. Campus Ministers work in close collaboration with the Assistant Principal – Religious Education in fostering the religious life of the school community.

Specifically at St Mary’s College, the Campus Minister oversees the practical initiatives involved in the Mercy pillars of Mission and Spirituality, integral pillars of our Mercy Tradition. The initiatives encourage the girls to firstly become aware of the injustices in the world, deepen their relationship with God and respond to the needs of others especially the marginalised in our community in a practical way. Initiatives include visiting elderly residents at local nursing homes, door knocking to raise funds for the Little Kings Movement, reaching out to the homeless in Ipswich through volunteering with Rosies, empowering young people with disabilities through engaging with DanDaLion Friends, fundraising for national and international organisations such as Caritas Australia and the St Vincent de Paul Society.

The Campus Minister also works to connect our local parish with St Mary’s College, highlighting the wonderful aspects of the Catholic faith. This can be seen through linking students with the youth ministry program in the parish, supporting students on their journeys towards receiving the sacraments, organising weekly Mass in the St Mary’s College Chapel, communicating with our local priests and working with St Edmund’s College to coordinate a combined colleges school Mass one Sunday each month.

Campus Minister
Felicity Jones
07 3432 5445