Life at St Mary’s

Established in 1863, St Mary’s College is a Catholic secondary school committed to the education of young women in the Mercy Tradition from Years 7 to 12. Our priority is to offer a holistic education that is values based and life-giving, and to ensure that each student has the opportunity to achieve to her potential and be a woman of integrity. Our education prepares young women to be active global citizens with the skills, confidence and resilience to live life to the full and make a difference in an ever changing world.

St Mary’s College is well regarded for its unique caring and supportive environment. Our community focus and size, coupled with our Pastoral Care Program, provides greater opportunity to respond to the needs of each individual where positive relationships form the basis of all of our interactions. The girls are therefore provided with the skills to be responsible decision makers and encouraged to accept the consequences of their actions.

St Mary’s College provides an exciting and comprehensive curriculum that caters for all pathways from a high academic level to vocational education studies. The curriculum incorporates a Religious Education Program delivered across all year levels that is integral to the faith life of the community and a Pastoral Care Program which provides for the delivery of life skills, career education and the nurturing of the individual. An extensive co-curricular program enables the girls to actively participate in cultural and sporting activities.

St Mary’s College is a systemic school, operating under the auspices of Brisbane Catholic Education and owned by St Mary’s Parish. The College has strong links with the parish and neighbouring Catholic schools, St Mary’s Primary School and St Edmund’s College. We are all located in the same precinct and the three separate schools provide quality education in a Catholic Christian community and are a real presence in the continuing story of the Church and Ipswich.