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Artistic Success

Artist Libby Dyer believes that her creative process can not be controlled and should unfold naturally; whatever authentically emerges is meant to be.

A former student of St Mary’s College, Libby says the values she learnt at the College have helped her on her creative journey. “I was always encouraged to do my best and to always look outside the box. I love helping others and most importantly love sharing my passion and knowledge,” she said.

Libby is an intuitive abstract artist, whose work features bold, striking colour segments, expressive, fluid compositions and an energetic and passionate approach to her medium and themes. Her medium of choice is alcohol on ink, and she embraces a positive and fluid art making process. Recently, Libby was thrilled when her artwork was chosen to feature on reality television show The Block. Contestants Jesse and Mel included Libby’s work in their Week 12 room, Study/Media and Hallway. Libby, though, is no stranger to success, her work receiving accolades even when she was a student. “I was entered into the Ipswich Photographic Exhibition by (teacher) Miss Brooks without my knowledge and was awarded a certificate for outstanding work. Definitely a highlight of my time at St Mary’s!”

Reflecting on her time at the College, Libby says it is the support and sense of connectedness St Mary’s provided that had the biggest impact on her life. “It was the friendships formed throughout my time at St Mary’s College, which I can say they have lasted throughout the years, that give me the fondest memories,” she said. “My most valuable school experiences were all about the people, social skills, respect, self-worth, empathy and realising self potential. Because of teachers like Mrs Noaln (English) Miss Brooks (Design for Living) and Mrs Andrews (Art) — teachers who believed in me — I also learnt I was capable of more than I ever thought.”

“Life has taken me down many paths career wise from Aged Care, Hospital Administration working up towards supervisory and managerial positions, motherhood to name a few but the one constant throughout was my passion for the arts and my ability to express and connect with others through it. What once was a hobby has now turned into a career which gives me such enjoyment and fulfillment. My advise to young women, is be true to yourself, to be kind to yourself and others. Be your authentic and raw self. Find that something that makes you tick and extremely happy, but don’t rush. Learn from your experiences and listen attentively to those who offer guidance and support.”

Generosity of spirit is clearly something Libby has taken away from her time at St Mary’s, giving back to those around her whenever she can. “I have been very fortunate to help others by donating pieces to causes that are close to my heart, including Breast Cancer Foundation, Camp Quality, Prince Charles Foundation, Heal.ed Tribe – helping support girls with mental health and eating disorders.  I not only paint but also facilitate Alcohol Ink classes and share my skills and passion with others.”