Cultural Program

In addition to the wide variety of curriculum arts offerings in all year levels, St Mary’s College offers a dynamic, vibrant and diverse range of activities in the co-curricular Cultural Program which is designed to enhance students’ learning, enjoyment and sense of achievement.

There is a long list of cultural activities available to our students. From Dance Troupe and Show Choir to competitions in debating and involvement in the Journalism Club, the list goes on. There are also a range of cultural opportunities which are considered ‘Combined Colleges’ programs’ as they are run in partnership with our brother school, St Edmund’s College. The inclusion of these combined programs builds a greater sense of community and expands the offerings of both Colleges.

St Mary’s College is proud of its co-curricular cultural program. A strong history of excellence and achievement has been established through the dedication of staff and students. In supporting the College mission statement, we strive to provide a holistic education. The variety of opportunities available for students allows them to have a richer school experience and to reap the multitude of benefits of artistic and cultural involvement.