MADD Dayz Festival

A feature of the Cultural Program at St Mary’s College is the MADD Dayz Festival which occurs in the last week of term two every second year (on even years – opposite to the year St Mary’s College produces the Musical).  The three-day event celebrates the arts, focusing on Music, Art, Drama and Dance (MADD).

During MADD Dayz, timetabled classes are cancelled, and all students are involved in the event.  On Wednesday and Thursday, students enrol and participate by signing on to a wide variety of activities.

Examples of activities which may be offered include:

Voice  Animation  Circus Skills  Zumba
Guitar  Glass Making  Drama Rama  Hip Hop
Ukele  Face Painting  Glow in the Dark  Bollywood
African Drumming  Chalk Drawing  Word Power Artistry  Contemporary
Caribbean Steel Band  Indigenous Art
Rock Band Performance  Jewellery Making

The MADD Dayz program provides an opportunity to celebrate the arts and for students to engage in activities not possible within the normal constraints of the timetable.  Professional artists and performers are part of a program which is a fun and exciting way for the students to end the term, whilst providing an authentic opportunity to enhance their learning.

To conclude MADD Dayz, the last day of term two features the hotly contested annual House Choir Competition, followed by a Talent Quest.

The House Choir Competition involves the whole school, where each House sings a set song, usually a hymn and an own-choice popular song.  The set song is performed by students only with minimal movement, but the own choice song may include choralography, costumes, banners, props and staff involvement.  The House Choir Competition is judged by an outside specialist in choral music, to ensure impartiality.

The Talent Quest concludes MADD Dayz and features students from any year level performing solos or in small groups and may include singing, dancing, poetry and skits.  The standard is always high and it is a fun and very entertaining way to conclude term two.