Music Program


St Mary’s College, in conjunction with St Edmund’s College offers a wide variety of ensembles for instrumental and vocal students of all abilities.  Ensembles rehearse once per week and perform at a variety of events throughout the year including Performing Arts Nights, Cultural Showcase, Queensland Catholic Schools’ and Colleges’ Music Festival, Liturgies and Masses, Little Kings Movement, Awards Nights and other school and community events.

St Mary’s College and Combined Colleges’ Ensembles:

​Senior Concert Band ​Show Choir ​String Ensemble
Junior Concert Band​​ ​Combined Colleges’ Choir Percussion Ensemble​
​​​Stage Band

Instrumental Music Tuition

Students have the opportunity at St Mary’s College to learn a wide range of instruments, music theory and voice. For year 10 to 12 students, all Music Tuition lessons incur a small payment, but year 7 to 9 students may receive up to 1 year of free lessons on a band or orchestral instrument, subsidised by the school and the P&F. Our program caters for all levels of ability, from beginner to advanced in the following areas:

Flute/Piccolo Trumpet Violin Voice
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet French Horn Viola Piano/Keyboard
Oboe Trombone Cello Drums/Percussion
Saxophone Euphonium Double Bass Theory
Bassoon Tuba Guitar/Bass Guitar

Lessons are 30 minutes in duration and may be taken individually or in small groups (usually two students).  Lessons are organised on a rotating timetable where possible to ensure students do not miss the same subject lesson over the two-week timetable cycle.  However, senior students may negotiate with their teacher to have a fixed lesson time before or after school or during a break if she does not wish to miss any class time.

There are numerous benefits of learning a musical instrument; increased memory capacity, refined time management and organisational skills, sharpened concentration, reduced stress, opportunity for self-expression and promotion of happiness! All students are encouraged to consider the Music Tuition program. As Chinese philosopher Confucius once said, ‘Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without’.

Many studies support the academic and social benefits of playing an instrument or singing, and at St Mary’s College, we encourage all students to participate in music making via the Music Tuition Program and participation in the Ensembles Program.

The Music Tuition Enrolment Form can be found on the Parent Portal.