Mercy Medallion

In 2015 the St Mary’s Parents & Friends Association Gala Dinner Committee, in conjunction with St Mary’s College Ipswich, established the St Mary’s College Mercy Medallion. The Medallion is awarded annually at the College’s Gala Dinner.

The Mercy Medallion aims to recognise a former student, or current/former member of the St Mary’s College Community who has displayed and acted with a commitment, duty or personal ethos that epitomizes the Mercy Tradition. The Mercy charism is the particular way the Gospel values were lived and espoused by Catherine McAuley and her Sisters.

At St Mary’s College the Mercy Tradition is built upon the core principles of spirituality, education, community, hospitality and mission as founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1863. It is considered that the award winner’s efforts and qualities will inspire and empower the current and future College community.