At St Mary’s College, students wear their uniform with pride. Our uniform forms an important part of our identity, and has strong links to our history and heritage. A full list of uniform requirements is available here.

Lowes at Riverlink Ipswich provides a uniform service for St Mary’s College.

Two club cards are also offered to Lowes customers; Lowes Zero Card (similar to Afterpay) and a Reward Card (a way for customers to build rewards and participate in 20% off days).

Lowes will offer our community the ability to place orders online and this service will be available soon.

Please note that College badges, spare ties and socks, swimwear and athletics bike pants are available for purchase from the College Finance Office. Payment can be made online, or by cash or card to the Finance Office.

View the 2020 Uniform Price List here.

Lowes offers Layby on uniforms with the following terms and conditions:

For goods placed on layby at a Lowes store, a minimum of 10% deposit is required along with a non-refundable $4 layby service fee.

The term of the layby is two months; all customers whose laybys are not finalised within the two-month period will be contacted as a reminder. The layby will then be cancelled after fourteen days if it is not collected.

If a layby is cancelled by the store due to a breach of the terms and conditions of the layby by the customer, the items will be returned to stock and a cancellation fee of $12 will also be charged. If a customer goes back into the store to collect their deposit placed on their layby that was cancelled by the store, then the customer will be entitled to a refund of all monies paid less the $4 layby service fee and less an additional $12 cancellation fee.

Layby payments are required to be made at the store that holds the layby at a minimum of one payment per month, failure to make the monthly payments may result in the cancellation of the layby. Layby payments cannot be accepted using Zero accounts or Gift cards/vouchers.

Laybys cannot have goods exchanged, added to or removed until such time as the layby is finalised or cancelled, in which case, a new layby will be commenced, and another service fee charged.

Should a Customer cancel a layby prior to it being finalised, a refund of all monies paid will be given, less the $4 layby service fee and an additional $12 cancelation fee. It is the Customers responsibility to advise the store, holding the layby, of any change of contact details.