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Excellence as an Early Career Teacher | Winner – Eryn Gower

In her roles as Teacher and Acting Curriculum Leader – Technologies at St Mary’s College, Eryn Gower’s great love of teaching and her students is clear.

Eryn’s practice is contemporary, dynamic and engaging. She celebrates learning, progress and achievement with timely and relevant feedback to students. She sets high expectations for her students and encourages them to meet these. She is gentle but firm, fair in her application of classroom expectations and focused on student progress and wellbeing when making decisions in this regard.

Eryn’s commitment to her work is evident in all she does. Working collaboratively, she contributes readily in teams, and demonstrates initiative and creativity in her planning. She plans for all her students, differentiating programs to meet their needs. Eryn readily engages with Support Teachers: Inclusive Education to determine the best approaches and strategies to support students with special needs. She utilises the expertise of others to improve her practice and learning outcomes for students. Eryn accesses student data to inform her planning and has been a leader in using digital technologies to improve student engagement. Through review and reflection, Eryn continues to refine and extend her practice. In her recent appointment in an Acting Middle Leadership position she has shown great capacity to lead and guide her peers.

Eryn has spearheaded the introduction of Media Arts at the College this year. As the sole teacher, she has demonstrated capacity to develop engaging units, assessment and learning experiences for her students. The College is proud of her efforts and is delighted to witness the growth of this new curriculum area.

Eryn established the College’s Journalism Club and has worked to support students in covering multiple College events in a polished and professional way. This initiative has seen Eryn support students in connecting with the wider community and promoting the College in a thoroughly positive manner. She carries a number of competing demands, but never wavers from her commitment to ensuring positive relationships with all staff, students and the wider community. In these ways and more, Eryn strives for and achieves excellence as an early career teacher.

To view a short film on Eryn, please CLICK HERE.