Programs of study are based on the Australian Curriculum (where available) or the appropriate Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) syllabus. The Religious Education Program is based on the Archdiocesan Religious Education Guidelines.

Introductory Phase; Year 7

The Year 7 curriculum is designed to facilitate a smooth transition into secondary school while introducing the students to a broad base of subjects. The curriculum includes Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, and Health and Physical Education. Students also study in the Learning Areas of; The Arts (Visual Art, Drama, Dance and Music), Digital and Design Technology (Business, Home Economics and Digital Technologies) and Languages other than English (Spanish).

Year 7 Curriculum Overview

Middle Years Phase; Years 8 & 9

Year 8 & 9 students are given more opportunity to design their own course of study, by studying two electives each semester. The core subjects of Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, and Health and Physical Education complete their course of study, maintaining a broad base.

Year 9 Curriculum Handbook

Pre-Senior Phase; Year 10

Year 10 students are given the opportunity to deepen their own course of study, by selecting two yearlong electives. The core subjects of Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, and Health and Physical Education complete their course of study, maintaining a broad base to assist in their preparation for the Senior Years.

Pre Senior Curriculum Handbook

 Senior Phase; Years 11 & 12

The Senior Years have been designed to provide for multiple pathways to a range of training, employment and career opportunities. St Mary’s College fosters a spirit of academic excellence and caters for the variety of subject interests among students. Students are involved in an extensive Pathways Program, which has a focus in Year 10 to assist the girls in determining the best course of study to ensure their success and attainment of the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

Senior Curriculum Handbook

 VET and Pathways

Within the Senior School at St Mary’s College there are many opportunities for students to explore their future pathway and engage in Vocational Education and Training. During Year 10 students explore their options through the Pathways Program, SET Planning and subject selection and can continue to do this by engaging with VET and Pathways staff and completing Work Experience through years 11 and 12. In these senior years students can also take part in Vocational Qualifications delivered on campus as well as TAFE and private training organisations’ courses and school-based traineeships and apprenticeships.

Learning Support

Learning Support structures at St Mary’s College are varied and responsive to the needs of the students. While the support offered is mainly inclusive, at times, students may be withdrawn from lessons to receive more intensive one-on-one or small group assistance.

The Support Teacher – Inclusive Education partners with teachers in advising and planning and implementing the necessary adjustments for students with disabilities and learning difficulties, to afford all students access to the mainstream curriculum and success with their learning. The Support Teacher – Inclusive Education co-teaches and assists teachers in embedding a variety of strategies for support within their lessons. At St Mary’s College, there are two support teacher aides who primarily work in mainstream classes offering inclusive support; general, and individual for identified students, under the direction of the class teacher.

Our Learning Enrichment Centre, located in the Student Services, Doro building is a vibrant, welcoming and nurturing space. The room is used in class time for ‘inclusive withdrawal’ for one on one or small group learning, the delivery of targeted, intensive programs, English as a Second Language support, and exam support.  Outside of class time, students are welcome to come and use the LEC either before or after school, or at first break. They may want: assistance with their work; clarification regarding a concept or unit of work; help to work through to completion of assessment; or simply a quiet space in which to do their own study or homework.

St Mary’s College Learning Support is a unique context in that it is for girls only, inclusive support in mainstream classes is prioritised and collaborative partnerships with parents, teachers, support staff, specialists and of course, the students are valued and fostered.