Pastoral Care

Your Daughter’s Pastoral Care Group

At St Mary’s College, when your child is enrolled she is placed into a Pastoral Care Group. This group meets every day for administration with their Pastoral Care teacher. Additional time is allocated in the timetable for the delivery of the formal Pastoral Care Program. Due to the vertical nature of each Pastoral Care group, your daughter will remain in the same group for her six years of secondary schooling, with the same Pastoral Care teacher. As a result, this teacher will come to know your child well so that they can be given the best care and support.

Your daughter’s Pastoral Care group is linked directly to her House. There are many activities conducted throughout the year to strengthen the girls’ identity with their House and Pastoral Care group including House Celebrations, Choir Competition, Pastoral Care shared lunches and Mercy Week celebrations. The four House groups, Gorry, Horan, Murphy, and Whitty are named after significant people in our history and link to our Mercy heritage.

St Mary’s College has introduced significant structural and support mechanisms to assist girls in their transition from primary to secondary school, as well as to the senior years and post school pathways. Both transitions will present many challenges and your child’s Pastoral Care group can offer support and encouragement during the difficult times and as well as celebrate the good times of life.

Aspects of personal and social development are covered in the Pastoral Care Program during the Personal Development Program (in Years 7 to 10) and in Post Schooling Prospective Lessons (in Years 11 and 12).

In Years 11 and 12 these programs are designed to prepare our students for their future rights and responsibilities and include topics such as careers, leadership, self defence, community service, drugs, sexuality, relationships, financial management and safe driving. Included in the program is a Year 11 Leadership program preparing students for leadership and Year 12 Retreat where students reflect on where they have come from, what the future may hold and how to deal with it.

As our students grow and develop, we hope to assist them to come to know themselves more, so they are ready to face the challenges that lie ahead. Pastoral Care helps us to achieve this goal.