Guidance Counselling

Guidance Counsellors give support and encouragement to empower students to make their own decisions and deal with life’s challenges. A Guidance Counsellor is someone who listens with acceptance and respect, helping students to think through issues and to decide how to handle situations as well as emotions.

The Guidance Counsellors provide a relaxed and confidential space where students and/or parents can come to discuss any area of concern or difficulty. This could be a personal problem or a question about subject choices, learning, post-school study or future pathways and careers.

Should students wish to make an appointment with a Guidance Officer they are encouraged to complete a Referral Form located in Doro Student Support Services Reception, or available to download here, or speak with their Pastoral Leader. Sometimes a Guidance Counsellor will refer students and/or parents to outside agencies for support.

There are two Guidance Counsellors at the College located in the Doro Student Support Services Centre

Emma O’Grady (Counselling)
Available Monday to Friday

Fiona Podolak (Counselling and Careers)
Available Wednesday to Friday

The Guidance Counsellors can be contacted via email on