Religious Education

Religious Education – Scope and Sequence

“All people are created in the image and likeness of God, and so are imbued with a natural spiritual yearning. They seek to understand themselves in the light of the transcendent. Any genuine education must address this religious dimension of life. In addition, initiation into the Christian community carries with it a continuing need to grow in understanding of and participation in the faith heritage that gives it life. Hence every young Christian, by reason of humanity and baptism, has a claim to be educated religiously.”

(That They May Have Life – Archdiocese of Brisbane)

Religious Education at St Mary’s College endeavours to do the two things stated above. We try to answer the girls’ spiritual curiosity by providing experiences of evangelisation and we try to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of the Christian life by providing catechists which is both rigorous and flexible.

This involves creating a Catholic Christian culture which provides opportunities for prayer and reflection. It also means opening the girls’ eyes to ways of being instruments of peace, justice and compassion in the world. At St Mary’s College we have developed an extensive liturgical program which marks all the important feasts and seasons of the Church’s year as well as the significant steps in the journey of secondary schooling. We also provide a wide range of social justice activities which open the girls to the ideals of Christian mission. These activities not only reflect a culture based on the spirit of Jesus, but one filtered through the charism of Catherine McAuley. The Mercy Tradition gives a unique focus to our evangelising efforts so that our girls are constantly challenged to live the Mercy ideals of spirituality, education, community, hospitality and mission to the poor and marginalised. At St Mary’s College every student engages in the classroom study of Religion. Our programs are designed to be academically challenging while also encouraging personal reflection and commitment.

The documents below outline the scope and sequence of teaching of the Religious Education Program in the classroom at St Mary’s College for Years 7-12. They map out the units, content descriptors and overarching ideas that will be taught in each year level.

Religious Education - Year 7 - 10 Scope & Sequence


Religious Education - Year 11 & 12 Scope & Sequence