College News

Opening Evening by Ashleigh Ramirez

The St Mary’s College Opening Evening is set to occur on Tuesday 19 March from 4pm to 6:30pm. The night will be filled with music, food and interactive activities designed to immerse the incoming girls to the St Mary’s schooling way. Along with this, there are many more exciting reasons to attend the Opening Evening;

Become a part of the community: Not only will the experienced teachers and welcoming current students of the school be walking around and greeting our guests but it’s a chance for new families and students to meet one another and gain a sense of familiarity.

Experience the schools facilities: Come along and participate in the activities that showcase our newly designed science labs, comfortable classrooms and spacious art rooms.

Get to know our current students: Whether it be the works of art within the art gallery, congratulations on the science board or a live singing performance of a Mary’s girl, the Open Evening will be filled with history and accomplishments from our past and current students.

Get a Tour of the School: Entering a new school can be nerve-racking but with the student lead tours provided on the evening, our new students can walk into their first day with one less worry and a sense of readiness for High School.

Enjoy a night out: Overall, the Open Evening is set to be an enjoyable night for the whole family and a great way to discover St Mary’s and all we have to offer.