College News

Scholarship Winner

St Mary’s College Ipswich student Tyla Leisemann has been recognised for her outstanding achievement in drama, being awarded a scholarship to Griffith University.

The scholarship is valued at $5000 for Tyla if she chooses to undertake tertiary studies at Griffith University in 2020. The prize was announced by College Principal Mrs Judith Finan on 14 November at the final assembly for Year 12 students.

Tyla, who was the top performing student in her drama class this year, said she was surprised and shocked at the announcement. “I was not expecting it at all,” she said. “Studying film and television at Griffith next year is my first choice, so I am thrilled to have received this scholarship.”

Earlier this year, Tyla attended a three week Summer School at Griffith, undertaking introductory courses and gaining credits towards future study at the university. “I loved getting a taste of what’s on offer at Griffith,” Tyla said. “After doing the Summer School I thought I would apply to Griffith next year and see what happens.”

“I have always felt really supported by my teachers at St Mary’s,” she said.”I have always been encouraged to follow my dreams. Teacher’s never tell us to be realistic. They tell us if we have found what we want to do, just do it, and then they will help us find a way to make it happen.”

Narelle Thompson, Tyla’s Drama teacher, said she was a deserving recipient of the scholarship. “Tyla is a joy to teach,” Mrs Thompson said. “She is hard working and dedicated student and always meets her deadlines.”

Outside the classroom, Tyla is involved in other aspects of the St Mary’s College community. “Tyla is very involved in social justice activities throughout the year, and was a member of the Student Leadership team,” Mrs Thompson said.

Tyla is eagerly awaiting her final results and university offer. We wish her well for the future.