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SMC Has Spirit

St Mary’s College Ipswich undoubtedly has spirit. The 2020 SMC swimming carnival proved that a little rain will not bring us down. War cries and cheers from the students could be heard from any direction, even over the bucketing rain. Despite the bleary day, the 2020 swimming carnival was a day to be remembered.

Taking place on 6 February at the Bundamba Swim Centre, the students of St Mary’s College put on their cheering voices and house colours to swim for victory. The swimming carnival, being the first interhouse event of the year, sets the bar for the following events and gets everyone up and determined to rise to the top. The new house leaders of 2020 were incredible in showing their support and filling races (and distributing lollies). The leaders were asked their highlight of the carnival and the results were split between two answers.

Whitty House captain, Tahnee Summerville, said “One of my highlights of the carnival was seeing the girls on the side of the pool cheering, yelling and supporting their friends and most of all their Whitty teammates. It was amazing to see the girls’ spirit and excitement throughout the whole carnival. The girls did not let the rain dampen the spirit of Whitty.”

Gorry House captain, Brooke Antoniolli, agreed. “I’m gonna say the girls. As cliché as that sounds, there are so many girls that I’m so proud of. Gorry house has done amazingly. No matter how many people swam or didn’t swim, I’m very proud of them all.

When asked to reflect on her highlight, Murphy House captain, Darcy Ball, said “Definitely our year 12 stuff… and the novelty race! That was so much fun.”

Horan House captain, Emmersen Bogaart, agreed that both the students and the fun activities organised for the Seniors were her favourite parts of the day. “The crocodile race… And… I think filling all the races is the highlight. Participation is through the roof so I’m very happy with that.”

All the leaders agreed that the students were what made the day amazing. The swimming carnival was fun for everyone, not just those who came riding in on inflatable crocodiles. Despite the rain everyone agreed that it was a success. Though only one house can win, and Murphy claimed that title as the night came to an end, everyone who came, swam, and supported is an SMC winner and that makes everyone SMC Proud.

Words by Alyssa Potter
Images by Ashley Pankhurst