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Student Leadership Team

St Mary’s College Ipswich is proud to introduce the student leadership team for 2020. Comprised of 10 students, the team share a common vision of supporting, encouraging and inspiring their peers to experience all that life at the College has to offer.

Daniele Stark, Kate Sotiriadis and Serena Robertson are the College Captain, Vice Captain and Mercy Captain respectively and will guide the larger leadership team. Each of these students has a strong connection to St Mary’s College Ipswich, having attended the school since Year 7. Avid participants in all aspects of College life and enjoying a range of cultural, sporting, musical and mission activities alongside their academic pursuits, the trio are looking forward to helping new and existing students explore the opportunities at the College.

“I hope that in 2020 every girl that walks through the College gates feels that they are a valued member of our community, that they are empowered by their peers and teachers and that they undertake the amazing opportunities offered by the College to explore and nurture their gifts and talents,” Daniele said. “I want to advocate to our girls and the wider community the importance of consistent attendance and how lucky our College is to have such a wide variety of pathways to explore.”

Personally, Daniele hopes to ease the burden on senior students. “I will aspire to introduce additional support systems for our girls as they tackle the new ATAR system and the stressors of adolescent life.”

College Vice Captain, Kate Sotiriadis will aim to raise student voices during her leadership term. Along with Mercy Captain Serena Robertson, Kate will lead the Student Representative Council. Already getting to work, Kate and Serena have rebranded this committee as SMC Voices, bringing a fresh vibe and positive atmosphere.

“In recent years, the Student Representative Committee saw a plateaued level of involvement from girls,” Kate said. “Since rebranding, we have already received approximately 40 applications from students who are wanting to be members of SMC voices!”

“We believe it is our job to create a positive space for our peers to voice their opinions and concerns,” Kate said. “Our goal is to reach out to students and instil in them that they have a voice. Once girls realise their voices are powerful, together as a community we can spark dialogue around issues and take appropriate action to create a better environment for our students.”

Echoing this sentiment, Serena said she will work to encourage every student to become involved with events and extra-curricular opportunities offered by the College. “I want to ensure every girl gives something a go. There are many things students can participate in, including the Vinnie’s Appeal and charity events, and they can also show their school spirit at events like house carnivals,” Serena said.

Daniele, Kate and Serena will be supported in their roles by Mission Captain, Bailey Ostrofski; Culture Captain Mackenzie Smith and Sport Captain Lucie Kinnane, along with House Captains Brooke Antoniolli, Emmersen Bogaart, Darcy Ball and Tahnee Summerville.

Balancing academic, extra-curricular and leadership responsibilities will be a challenge for the girls this year, but they are confident that with the support of each other, their teachers and their peers they will succeed. “Staff at the school have been very helpful in explaining to us that our school work is our priority, but maintaining good physical and mental health is more important,” Kate said. “The College teachers and counsellors provide us with time management skills, something that has helped me balance my school life.”