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Student Representatives at Plenary Assembly

The Church in Australia is in the midst of its first Plenary Council since 1937. A Plenary Council is an assembly of bishops, other clergy and some lay people from around a country, who meet with the aim to implement some positive changes to their Church community.

There will be two sessions where these people gather, one at the end of this year and one next year. In the lead up to these sessions, the Church has been gathering people’s opinions and suggestions about how we could improve the Church in Australia at this time by asking us to listen to what the Spirit is saying.

On Monday 17 February, five Year 11 students from St Mary’s College Ipswich attended a Student Plenary Assembly held at Lourdes Hill College in Brisbane. The students were Jennifer Rizg-Mundugu, Lucy Clark, Tamika Dalby, Ella Gleeson and Danielle Wendt. The Plenary Assembly brought together a variety of students from different schools around the Archdiocese. Splitting into groups, the students had the opportunity to engage in discussion with each other about what they think the Church could do to improve.

Our young people are not only the future of our Church but also very much a big part of the present. This assembly gave them the opportunity to speak out for their generation, encouraging the notion that the voice of our young people is loud and wants to be heard. In fact, the youngest person participating in the council will be 17 years old.

Our girls did very well, and it was wonderful to see them speaking honestly and authentically about the faith!

Words by Felicity Jones, St Mary’s College Ipswich Campus Minister