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Walk for Justice

Many of life’s necessities are often taken for granted in western society.
We can access running water, electricity and produce from the comfort of our own homes.

Today almost 300 students from St Mary’s Primary, St Edmund’s College and St Mary’s College joined in unity to walk for justice.

As staff and students gathered, Father Stephen Bliss opened the walk with a short reflection and prayer.

“Today we come together to think of those who travel many kilometres in harsh conditions to fetch water or obtain food,” stated Father Bliss.

“We can simply turn on a tap to access water. This is a luxury many men, women and children around the world cannot enjoy.”

Students walked with pride throughout St Mary’s College. Many carried buckets of water or bricks to symbolise some of the items carried by our brothers across the globe.

Margareta Lemon, Campus Minister at St Mary’s College, was one of the coordinators of the event which aims to challenge the hearts and minds of students each year.

“It was brilliant to see so many students support the fundraiser,” she said.

“Students participated enthusiastically, cheering and supporting each other on.”

If you would like to donate to Caritas, please visit the following site. Every dollar helps –