At St Mary’s College, we are committed to ensuring every student can thrive. We understand that no two students’ needs and interests are the same and offer diverse and dynamic learning pathways to suit individuals. We are proud of our strong academic record and work proactively to strengthen each student’s academic performance.

Our progressive curriculum encompasses a range of VET courses, equipping students with practical, work-related skills and the confidence to pursue further study or enter the workforce after high school. We are the only all girls school in Queensland, and the only school in Ipswich that is part of the Aerospace Gateway to Industry Schools program, offering students direct pathways to careers in aviation. Technology is integral to our students learning though the value of writing with a pen and paper, and applying critical thinking are still practised regularly.

Our teachers continually upskill with professional development and further study, modelling the value of lifelong learning to our students. St Mary’s College vertical Pastoral Care system means that teachers know your daughter and can respond to her needs, offering support and encouragement when required and joining her in celebrating personal successes.

Learning Support

In line with helping every student achieve to her potential, our Learning Support team work to identify and assist students in need of extra support. The Learning Enrichment Centre (LEC) staff work with students on a casual or ongoing basis helping students to understand a concept, begin or continue an assignment or prepare for exams. Learning Support at St Mary’s College is collaborative, responsive and as inclusive and discreet as practicable.

Beyond the Classroom – Extension and Enrichment

St Mary’s College offers many opportunities for your daughter to extend herself beyond the classroom. Our sport, culture and mission programs encompass a range of activities to complement traditional modes of study. Participating in extra-curricular activities, students learn valuable life skills such as organisation, time management, team work and leadership as well as build their sense of confidence, belonging and community.

Technology for Learning

All students at St Mary’s College Ipswich are provided with a laptop for the duration of their time at the College, ensuring equitable access to the tools for learning. Students are issued with a laptop in Year 7, which is replaced with a new laptop in Year 10 and kept until the completion of Year 12.

View our Making Learning Visible strategy here.