The Brisbane Catholic Education’s Delivering Excellent Learning and Teaching (DELT), 2014 -2016 Strategy seeks to inspire high expectations for learning that maximises engagement, progress and achievement for each student across BCE schools.

The Delivering Excellent Learning and Teaching Strategy seeks to improve the progress and achievement of each student, particularly those who are not achieving at standards that enable them to move successfully onto further learning; those whose progress has halted or regressed; those who leave our schools before the final years of their schooling and; those whose schooling does not contribute to viable post school pathways or life outcomes. The DELT Strategy inspires high expectations for learning that maximizes engagement, progress and achievement for each student in every classroom across BCE.

St Mary’s College is part of the ‘Making Learning Visible Collaborative’, the focus of which is to build our collective capacity to embed practices that make learning visible in every classroom. It is all about knowing the impact of your teaching on each student’s learning and responding to move learning forward.

Visible Learning refers to John Hattie’s meta-analysis of international research about what educational leaders and teachers do that has the most positive impact for each student’s learning, progress and achievement. Visible learners have ownership for their own learning; they understand their progressions and what they need to do next to further their learning. Visible learners see themselves, peers and teachers as co-teachers and co- learners.

St Mary’s College focusses on the use of student data to determine the needs of our students. We are constructing, analysing and using data walls, which track student progress over time.

At St Mary’s College our key terms are Learning Intentions, Success Criteria and Extras for Experts.

Learning Intentions:

  • Learning Intentions are ‘what the teacher intends a student to learn.’

 Success Criteria:

  • Success Criteria are ‘how achievement will be demonstrated by students.’

 Extras for Experts:

  • Extension work, gifted and talented, accelerated learning.